Patio Design

Extend The Value. Expand The Fun

A well-designed patio does not only add value to your home. It gives your family an outdoor lifestyle that’s worth living, worth loving, and worth sharing. We can help.

Hire Professional Custom Patio Designers Today

Considering the complexity of patio construction, only a few companies can do it right. Cypress Custom is one of the few companies with in-house patio design experts who can assist in making your dream patio come to life.
Whether you’re building a new patio or renovating an existing one, our team will meet all your needs. We’ve been serving the Dallas Fort Worth area with our advanced patio expertise over the last decade.

Your Patio Story Matters to Us

We understand that your patio has to reflect your family’s personality and complement the look of your home. We believe it’s a place for social gatherings and making memories with friends and family. It can also be the right venue for your celebrations and other occasions.
Those stories matter and we know. That’s why we employ the best brains to capture your narratives and design a perfect space for you. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, just tell us your story and our designers will draw up an outdoor patio of your taste. Let’s design your patio.
You can get patio ideas through our magazines. Your past experience with patios can also help. Your dislikes are also a plus to our design professionals.
Through this, we cut through the complexities and arrive at a patio of your specifications. Then, our building contractors take over and give the drawing a life. It’s that simple. See the full process here.

No Surprises with Cost, Regulations and Standards.

With the use of computer modeling software, you can see in detail what your final patio setup looks like. Therefore, there’s no back and forth on budget.
We adhere strictly to the standards recommended by the Landscape regulatory authority in Dallas Fort Worth for the design and construction of patios. Tell us your story. Let’s talk your patio.