Pool cunstruction

Perfect Pools. For Perfect Homes. From Perfect Hands.

Whether your definition of a custom pool is geometric with a grotto, or free-form with elegant water features. Cypress Custom Pools is the leader in swimming pool construction in Dallas, Fort Worth. Welcome to where quality meets luxury.

Your DFW Custom Pool Contractor

Nothing beats a relaxing soak-in in your backyard pool on a hot day. When It’s time to build stunning, luxurious, and unique pools for your home, you’re in the best hands with Cypress Custom. See what we can do for you…

Free Form Pool

Looking for a pool that mimics the configuration of your yard? Cypress custom can help install a contemporary freeform pool that gives off the aura of natural ponds, lakes, and lagoons.
A free-form pool in your backyard will be a great sight to behold. This type of pool adds a more naturalistic appeal to spaces and fits nicely regardless of the orientation of your backyard. Thanks to its irregular shapes, curves, and realistic flowing lines.
Cypress custom free form pool can give you and your family a real grotto experience at home. Of course, you will need some other pool features like waterfalls, landscaping, faux boulders, etc, to complete your elevated oasis. That’s why we are here.

Straight Line Pool

Straight line or geometric pools are the classics of the pool industry. They are a perfect addition to formal spaces, big or large. If your dream is to have a luxury straight-line pool at home, we can help you add the simple elegance of a geometric pool to your yard.
Cypress Custom takes pride in helping homeowners turn their backyards into sleek and timeless resorts. Our custom geometric pools are designed to complement your home in the best way possible. Talk to us today.

Elite Swimming pool construction

If it gives you joy, it’s never expensive. Elite pools are for homeowners who are ready to splurge. Want to shift focus away from swimming pool types and see what your big pocket can bring you? Cypress Custom is here for you.
Zero edge pools or infinity pools are examples of elite pools. They live on the high end of residential swimming pools. Want to take this plunge? You only need a few clicks to get started.
We are the Building Contractor of Residential and Commercial Swimming Pools in Dallas, Fort Worth Area.

Residential Pool Design

We help homeowners get intentional with their backyard of choice. The decision-making process can be overwhelming for aspiring pool owners. There’s always a long list of equipment to choose from. And the options of features, textures, depth sizes, and colors are endless. To save you from this implicit forth and back, we created a unique system that match-makes your dream with inspiring reality. That way, you can quickly make the best choice of swimming pool for you and your family.
And you don’t even have to make that decision alone. We have a standby team on your side to educate and advise you through the entire process. From your initial consultation to your first pool moments with family and friends, and even after, Cypress Custom stays to serve.

Commercial Swimming Pool Contractor

Commercial pool construction is no child play. You can always find a handful of companies that know the trade. And the reason is not far-fetched. Unlike residential pools, they are designed for unending moments of active play. Cypress Custom team are experts in the building and installation of activity pools for municipal and community pool facilities. Wet playground, wave pools, spray grounds with water features that are diligently designed for intense water play. We pay extra attention to building safe and sophisticated recreational environments.
Want to install geysers, waterfalls, splash, slides, and other interactive water features? Whatever activities you want in your facility, Cypress Custom will deliver a commercial pool that serves your purpose best.