Pool repairs

Repair. Recoat. Resurface. Your Pool To The Newest It Can Be

Whether your pool needs a deep power-wash, coping, tile, or pavers repair, our experienced swimming pool repair, and renovation team has got you covered.

Your All-in-One Swimming Pool and Spa Repair Company

Cypress custom offers first-class swimming pool repair services. Our repair and renovation department specializes in the restoration and reawakening of depreciated pools.
Our goal is to bring your pool back to life by restoring its physical and structural integrity at the most competitive cost in the industry.
We help you spend less for more by having all your pool repair services in one place. You don’t have to hire multiple servicemen for different swimming pool concerns, Cypress Custom Pool is your one-stop destination. From leak repair to overall pool resurfacing, we do it all. See the lowdown of what we do.

Our Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation Expertise:

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Pool leak is a common problem experienced by most pool owners. It’s caused by several reasons. The age of your pool, improper winterization, and pool equipment are some of the leading causes.
Left unattended, a minor pool leak can grow into an expensive problem for pool owners. Contact our pool professionals today for pool leak survey, detection, and repair.

Surface Coating and Recoating

Pool coating prevents water from penetrating the pool shell and preserves the smoothness of the surface. A degraded coating can lead to swimming pool structural damage as water can penetrate.
Doing patch-up work on a pool coating problem can lead to a more cost-prohibitive repair. You need a definitive solution to the surface coating and other structure-related pool issues. Cypress Custom pool knows the trade. We can help

Pool Shell Waterproofing

The longevity of your pool depends largely on the quality of its construction. However, due to some conditions such as water-chemical balance, corrosion, temperature changes, and other weather conditions, the concrete elements in a pool are prone to damage. Cypress Custom can help inspect and provide your pool with necessary enhancements and reinforcement that will extend the life of your pool.

Pool Deck Replacement

Over time, the concrete slab that prevents erosion and direct rainwater away from your pool may crack or break, making it unsafe and unhealthy to swim. Cypress Custom can help you access your pool deck condition and proffer the needed solution. Maybe to repair or replace completely, we’ll do what’s best for you.

Other Swimming pool repair services

Our swimming pool services also extend to tile repair, coping stone replacement, and installation of pool accessories. You can always count on us for all your swimming pool repairs and renovation concerns. Call us anytime, our expert support is always within your reach.